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The Issue of leadership. Debates based on contributions from international research

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At international scale and since the 1980s, reforms in education have transformed the working conditions of teachers and environment of schools. Anglo-Saxon research has considerably progressed in the area of school improvement, the share of responsibilities between head-teachers, teachers, other educational staff and families... The notion of leadership became progressively essential.
A research field has been structured on this issue ; a dialogue is now developed between academic expertise, policy-making and professional experiences. This work is particulary supported by the European Policy Network on School Leadership required by the European Commission and created by the FORTH Foundation.
The conference has two main objectives :

3 april 2012

4 april 2012


Comité scientifique

École normale supérieure de Lyon - Institut Français de l’Éducation
Triangle (UMR 5206)
15 Parvis René Descartes
69007 Lyon - France