/ Chercheur·e·s / enseignant·e·s-chercheur·e·s associé·e·s

Shehata, Eman

 Doctorante en anthropologie à la London School of Economics. Chercheuse associée à Triangle.


  • PhD : London School of Economics, Doctorate of Philosophy in Anthropology 2018-2023
  • MA. : Goldsmiths University of London, Master of Arts in Social Anthropology (2016-2017) - Degree Class : Distinction
  • BA. The American University in Cairo, Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Anthropology (2011-2015) - Degree Class : High Honours

Work Experience

  • Researcher, Access to Knowledge for Development Center, American University in Cairo, September 2015-June 2016
    • Participated in the production of interdisciplinary research outputs (papers, articles and presentations)
    • Contributed to literature review on the role of the networked public sphere in the Arab world
    • Prepared policy briefs and contributed to case study proposals on the economic power of data in the MENA region.
    • Ensured research outputs match editorial requirements of academic journals
    • Analyzed fieldwork results and incorporated them in research outputs
  • In Country’ Consultant on project ‘Study on Masculinities and Transition : Enduring Privilege ?’, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, BN1 9RE, UK. February 2018-October 2018
    • Participated in the compiling and review of literature and assist in the production of research outputs
    • Worked closely with Key Expert in the development and construction of fieldsites and inception reports
    • Assisted in conducting interviews and ethnographic fieldwork
    • Contribute to the analysis of findings related to Egypt and the SME sub-region
  • Research Assistant on London School of Economics ‘Change Makers’ project ‘Decolonizing the “Western Canon” in Anthropology’ : a comparative study of UK introductory theory curricula. December 2018-May 2019
    • Participated in mapping the ways in which colonialism, race and indigeneity are discussed in introductory theory courses across 8 Anthropology departments in the UK and over time at the LSE
    • Participated in efforts to re-design the introductory anthropological theory course at LSE