/ Séminaire « Nouvelles radicalités. Réfléchir après... »

Lecture de Citizenship as a Regime. Canadian and International Perspectives, avec Aude-Claire Fourot (co-directrice de l’ouvrage)

19 juin 2018, de 17h à 19h, à l’ENS de Lyon, site Descartes, salle D4.260


Aude-Claire Fourot est enseignante-chercheure au département de science politique de l’Université Simon Fraser (Montréal).

L’ouvrage Citizenship as a Regime. Canadian and International Perspectives paraîtra en juillet 2018, chez McGill University Press.

« State building is an ongoing process that first defines legitimate citizenship and then generates citizens.
Political analysts and social scientists now use the concept of citizenship as a lens for considering both the evolution of states and the development of their societies.
In Citizenship as a Regime leading political scientists from Canada, Europe, and Latin America use insights from comparative politics, institutionalism, and political economy to understand and analyze the dynamics of contemporary policies and politics. Contributors present original research, critically assess the idea of a citizenship regime, and suggest ways to further develop Jane Jenson’s notion of a "citizenship regime" as an analytical tool.
Research essays in this volume consider various social forces and dynamics such as neoliberalism, inequality, LGBTQ movements, the rise of populism amid nationalist movements in multinational societies - including Indigenous self-determination claims - and how they transform the politics of citizenship. The only volume focused on citizenship regimes, this book provides an enriched opportunity to reflect on the future of citizenship in Canada and throughout the world. Contributors include : Marcos Ancelovici (UQAM), James Bickerton (St Francis Xavier University), Maxime Boucher (Universite de Montreal), Neil Bradford (Huron University College), Alexandra Dobrowolsky (Saint Mary’s University), Pascale Dufour (Universite de Montreal), Jane Jenson (Universite de Montreal), Rachel Laforest (Queen’s University), Rianne Mahon (Wilfrid Laurier University), Berengere Marques-Pereira (Universite Libre de Bruxelles), Martin Papillon (Universite de Montreal), Denis Saint-Martin (Universite de Montreal), and Miram Smith (York University). »

Séance ouvert à tous.

/ Séminaire « Nouvelles radicalités. Réfléchir après... »