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Klaus Benesch : « Rethinking the City : Identity, Heritage, Globalization »

22 novembre 2016, 17h-19h, ENS de Lyon site Descartes (15 parvis René Descartes), salle F 106


Klaus Benesch, Professor of English and American Studies at LMU-University of Munich.


This talk will discuss some core assumptions about the city, both in urban and cultural studies. Taking as my point of departure Mike Davis’ claim that the city figures as both a major driving force of, and a potential solution to, contemporary ecological crisis, I look at how cities have to change in order to bring forth their ‘urban’ qualities and to rein in what Davis conceives of as the un- or anti-urban tendencies concomitant with globalization and unfettered capitalism.

Selected texts

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/ Atelier Amérique du Nord : la fabrique de l’Amérique (archives 2008-2017)
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