/ Séminaire de Philosophie Economique (archives 2014-1er semestre 2016)

Yusuke Ando : Achieve National Glory or Promote Human Prosperity ? : « War and Economy in the Physiocrats »

22 juin 2016, à 14h, à l’ISH de Lyon, 14 avenue Berthelot, salle Fernand Rude


Intervenant :
Yusuke Ando (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japon)

Résumé de l’intervention :
It was in the midst of Seven Years War (1756-1763) that the Physiocrats started to write and publish their texts concerning political economy. Keeping in mind such historical context, it is not difficult to imagine that François Quesnay and his disciples contemplated in some way the relation between war and economy, or the relation between national glory and human prosperity. However, their discourses on war and economy are never monotonous, but rather quite divergent from one text to another with each historical background. Focusing on such difference and variety among their discourses, this presentation reveals how the Physiocrats finally reconciled national glory with human prosperity.

/ Séminaire de Philosophie Economique (archives 2014-1er semestre 2016)