/ Séminaire de Philosophie Economique (archives 2014-1er semestre 2016)

Ben Ferguson : « The Paradox of Exploitation »

25 novembre 2014, à 14h, à l’ENS de Lyon (site Descartes), salle R314.


Ben Ferguson est enseignant en philosophie à l’Université de Bayreuth (Allemagne).

Résumé de l’intervention :
"The concept of exploitation brings many of our ordinary moral intuitions into conflict. Exploitation-or to use the commonly accepted
ordinary language definition, taking unfair advantage-is often thought
to be impermissible. In order to be permissible, transactions must not be unfair. The claim that engaging in mutually beneficial transactions is morally better than not transacting is also quite compelling. However, when combined with the claim that morally permissible transactions are better than impermissible transactions, these claims imply the counterintuitive claim that it is obligatory to engage in mutually beneficial transactions. In this paper I outline the conditions that comprise this `paradox of exploitation’ along with a solution that involves replacing one of the original conditions with a condition I call Weak Non-worseness. The solution captures the priority of our concerns about exploitation by making a concern for the fairness of a transaction subsidiary to a concern for the welfare of the would-be exploited."

Texte de l’article

/ Séminaire de Philosophie Economique (archives 2014-1er semestre 2016)