/ Atelier Amérique du Nord : la fabrique de l’Amérique

Dan Philippon : « Spirit of the soil : the agrarian roots of contemporary food politics »

11 décembre 2014, à 18h, à l’ENS de Lyon, en salle F101


Avec : Dan Philippon (University of Minnesota), auteur de Conserving words : how American nature writers shaped the environmental movement, 2005.

« Everywhere you go in the U.S. these days, from the White House to your neighbor’s house, people are talking about food. These conversations did not emerge out of nowhere, however, but are the result of a specific set of discourses about agriculture, food production, and gastronomy that have been circulating for decades.
This talk will examine one such discourse—the agrarian critique of industrialism—that has had an outsized influence on contemporary food politics in the U.S. »

/ Atelier Amérique du Nord : la fabrique de l’Amérique

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