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Collombier, Gaëlle

 Doctorante en études anglophones à l'université Lumière Lyon-2

Thèse en cours

  • Sujet : Pitmen and Leisure in North-East England, 1790-1910
    (Traduction du titre en français : Les loisirs des mineurs du Nord-est de l’Angleterre, 1790-1910).
  • Directeur de thèse : Neil Davie
  • Résumé : The Anglo-French war starting in 1793 created a dynamic economy and brought prosperity to the coalfields, notably in the North-east of England, already an important mining area in pre-industrial Britain. Coalminers found themselves in a strong bargaining position in the 1790s and gained in confidence. They were able to organise themselves and construct an identity based on a shared culture. The Industrial Revolution brought significant change to the mining sector ; pitmen had to work long and exhausting hours in increasingly dangerous conditions. Many scholars have studied these hard working conditions. However, little research has been done on the miners’ everyday lives, and particularly on the pastimes and leisure activities in which they and their families were engaged when they were not at work, or on how they entertained themselves while at work. More than a mere list of the pitmen’s pastimes in the north-east, the intention for this study is to explore the significance of these activities in relation to miners’ social lives. Several questions will be considered : Where did the different forms of leisure activity take place ? How were the pastimes divided between the members of the mining community, notably depending on their age and sex ? Which activities were open to all ? Were they exclusive to community members or open to outsiders ? When did leisure take place ? What was the impact of religion – especially Methodism – on the pitmen’s culture and forms of entertainment ? The end-date for this study is 1910, when Cecil Sharp travelled to North-east England to collect traditional songs and dances from the miners. At this point, it could be argued that pitmen’s culture was being institutionalised and appropriated by outsiders.

Travaux de recherche

  • 2011 : Mémoire de Master 2, Etudes anglophones, spécialité Civilisation : “ Les perceptions des conséquences de la dévolution sur l’identité nationale anglaise” ; sous la direction de Véronique Molinari ; mention bien.
  • 2009 : Mémoire de Master 1, Etudes anglophones, spécialité Civilisation : “The Irish cultural revival : An impossible Irish national Protestant identity ? (1879-1915)” ; sous la direction de Véronique Molinari ; mention très bien.

Diplômes et Formation

  • Depuis 2013 : Doctorante en études anglophones à l’Université Lumière Lyon-2
  • 2012 : Master Arts, lettres, langues, à finalité recherche, mention langues et cultures étrangères, spécialité études anglophones. Mention bien.
  • 2009 : Licence Arts, lettres, langues, Mention langues, littératures, civilisations étrangères, Spécialité anglais. Mention bien.
  • 2007-2008 : Année d’échange Erasmus à Warwick University, Royaume-Uni.
  • 2005 : Baccalauréat, série ES, mention bien.


  • 2011- 2010 : Lectrice de français à l’université Presbyterian College, Caroline du sud, Etats-Unis.