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Amandine Gautier, Sébastien Gardon et Gwenola Le Naour participent à la « 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations »

11 septembre 2019 - 14 septembre 2019, à Sofia, Bulgarie


Amandine Gautier, docteure en science politique, Sébastien Gardon, chercheur associé à Triangle et Gwenola Le Naour, maître de conférences en science politique à Sciences Po Lyon, interviendront le 14/09 dans la session 19 « Global Health and International Studies », avec une communication intitulée : Global health, a Challenge for rethinking Institutional and Professional Categories

Résumé de l’intervention :

The "Global health", "One health" and "Ecohealth" categories now form the basis of public health, both internationally and nationally. Despite the misunderstandings, they persist in recomposing themselves. They focus on the interactions between human, animal and ecosystem health. How can the social sciences understand these concepts ? This paper proposes both to investigate the issues and institutions that effectively embody the concept of "Global Health", and to question the effects of these categorizations on these same institutions and the professionals who use them.

Beyond the ways of naming, the new concrete health governance testifies to the growing interactions between health, agriculture and environmental issues. An increasing number of themes fall within the scope of health policies. As a result of the sanitarization of agricultural and ecological problems and, at the same time, the greening of health and agricultural issues, each actor must navigate between worlds with different references, professional cultures, priorities and vocabulary.

Human health problems involving wild fauna and flora (Lyme disease, allergies, etc.) lead to struggles for expertise and assessment methods between ecological, human and animal health professionals. It is thus the ways of thinking and classifying health issues that are being challenged. As a result, territories and professional legitimacies are replayed in the light of the One health concept. What effects in return on institutions under stress, whose legitimacy may falter ? How do we challenge established categories and hierarchies in the health field ? These are the questions that our paper proposes to answer using a material that compiles the results of a dozen surveys conducted in France, in Europe and in Asia between 2011 and 2019.

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/ Des membres de Triangle participent