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Conférence de Dong-Hoon Seol : « Korean Sociology and Main Tendencies Today »

13 octobre 2023, à l’ENS de Lyon, site Descartes, salle D2.020


Conférence organisée par l’International Advanced Laboratory ENS Lyon-CNRS/Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Post-Western Sociology in Europe and in China, Triangle, ENS Lyon.

Dong-Hoon Seol est président de l’Association de sociologie coréenne, professeur de sociologie à l’Université nationale Chonbuk/Jeonbuk National University.

In the 1950s, South Korea was one of the world’s poorest countries, but it has risen from poverty to become an advanced economy. Democracy is also in the process of being established, as the country has experienced several democratic regime changes, breaking away from political authoritarianism. Its culture, including K-Pop and K-Movies, has also become a favorite of people around the world. However, the development has also been accompanied by shadows. South Korea has a very high suicide rate and one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. This presentation will introduce the attempts of Korean sociologists to diagnose and explain the state of Korean society today. Based on a content analysis of the full texts of papers published by the Korean Sociological Association, the main research issues will be explained.

References :

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