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Biets, Jordan

Docteur en sciences économiques

Thèse soutenue

Titre : « L’élaboration du gold exchange standard pour l’Inde (1870-1913), d’une controverse à une innovation monétaire »

Direction : Rebeca Gomez Betancourt

Thèmes de recherche :

  • Histoire monétaire
  • Histoire de la pensée économique
  • Macroéconomie monétaire

Annonce de soutenance, 9 juin 2021

Education and Training

  • 2016/… Research Centre Triangle (UMR 5206), PhD student in History of Economic Thought at University of Lyon. Preliminary title of the thesis : “The conceptual path of the Gold Exchange Standard : India, 1870-1913” under the supervision of Rebeca Gomez Betancourt and Gopalan Balachandran
  • 2014/2015 Université Lumière Lyon II, holder of a master’s degree Research in History of Economic and Social Theories. Dissertation “The role of the rupee, second currency of the British Empire, on the monetary theories of the 20th century”, with honours.
  • 2012/2014 Institut Français de Géopolitique (Paris VIII), holder of a master’s degree in Geopolitics ; 2013/2014 Dissertation “Why does Quebec still invests in the mining industry ?”, with honours ; 2012/2013 Dissertation “Rivalries and representations around the diamond market of Antwerp”, with honours.
  • 2008/2012 Université Lumière Lyon II, bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Publication and paper under revision

BIETS, JORDAN. « L’Inde, premier cas de Gold Exchange Standard ou réplique du régime monétaire de Java ? », Les Cahiers Sirice, vol. 20, no. 1, 2018, pp. 49-67.
Under-revision “Bagehot’s Depreciation of Silver, a pamphlet on currency and India”, Oxford Economic Papers.

Event organised

22-23 March 2019 – “On the Spot Accounts, the Indian Economy 1850-1947”, Workshop on Indian Economic Thought (co-organised with the American University of Paris & Triangle). First international meeting with the aim to build a group of research to work on India (in progress).


May 2019 Conference : Communication during the 23rd annual ESHET conference, Sciences Po. Lille. Paper : “Bagehot’s Depreciation of Silver, a pamphlet on currency and India”.
Mars 2019 Workshop : During the workshop On the Spot Accounts, the Indian Economy 1850-1947, Université Lyon 2, Lyon, communication on « Robert H. Hollingbery’s refutation of the doctrine Gold is for the West, Silver is for the East »
Jan. 2019 Seminar : Participation to the 2nd workshop of Economics, season 2018-19, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Lyon, title of communication : “The narrative of a failed attempt to introduce a Gold Exchange standard in India in 1876 : Walter Bagehot & John Thomas Smith”
Sept. 2018 Conference : Communication during the 17th international conference of the Association Charles Gide, Université de Lorraine, Nancy (France). Paper : “Bagehot and India”.
Aug. 2018 Conference : Communication at the 50th Annual conference of The History of Economic Thought Society (THETS), Balliol Collège, Oxford. Paper : “Bagehot and the currency issue”.
May 2018 Workshop : Communication in the workshop Exploring India’s Economic History through Evidence and Debates, London School of Economics, London. Title of the communication “Java or India, seeking for the first Gold Exchange Standard”.
Oct. 2017 Poster workshop : during the Festival for New Economic Thinking held in Edinburgh, workshop titled “Quote presentation” organised by the Young Scholar Initiative (YSI).
May 2017 Workshop/pre-conference : working group for the World Economic History Conference (WEHC Boston 2018) held in Lyon. Discussed paper : “The Invention of the Gold Exchange Standard in India (1870-1902) : British-Indian rhetoric before Keynes’ Indian Currency and Finance”.
May 2017 Workshop : Communication during the Workshop for Young Scholars Post-colonial Interconnexions, in Paris IV Panthéon-Sorbonne. Communication : “L’Émergence du Gold Exchange Standard, une histoire commune entre Java et l’Inde ?”.
May 2017 Workshop : Participation to the Young Scholar workshop of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET), Antwerp University (Belgium) on Methodology in History of Economic Thought, organised by INET-YSI.
April 2017 Workshop : Communication during the Workshop on the History of Exchange Rates, in Lünd (Sweden). Paper : “The Invention of the Gold Exchange Standard in India (1870-1902) : British-Indian rhetoric before Keynes’ Indian Currency and Finance”.
May 2016 Conference : Pre-doctoral communication at Connected Histories, Mirrored Empire : British and French Imperialism from 17th through the twentieth century in Hong Kong. Paper : “Monetary issues in India in early 20th Century : A mutual influence of Indo-British Ideas within the Empire”.

Archive works

Feb. 2019 British Library, London School of Economics, Royal Society of Art, London.
Aug. 2018 Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Oct. 2017 National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Further Experiences

2017-2018 Undergraduate teaching (64 hours) : Tutorial in Personal and Professional Project (PPP, two groups), tutorial in International Economics (IE, two groups), Université Lyon 2 .
Feb-July 2016 Editorial Assistant : maintenance of the institutional website SES-ENS, in Economics and Sociology, in École Normale Supérieure de Lyon .
Nov-Dec 2015 Undergraduate teaching (42 hours) : Lecture in Monetary Macroeconomics, in École Centrale de Lyon .
Feb-Mar. 2014 Fieldwork : three weeks’ journey in Canada (Ottawa, Quebec City) to investigate on the mining industry in Quebec (15 interviews).
Feb-April 2013 Fieldwork : two journeys (one week each) in Antwerp (Belgium) to investigate on the diamond market of Antwerp (11 interviews).


English : Fluent (C1) ; Spanish : Academic level (A2) ; Italian : Beginner (A1)