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English overview

UMR 5206 "Triangle. Action, discourses, economic and political thought" is a pluridisciplinary joint research unit of :


Head : Anne Verjus
Administrative contacts

Scientific identity and organization

UMR 5206 Triangle was created in 2005 following the idea that this pluridisciplinary choice could lead to something better than a mere addition of competencies and contribute to a fuller understanding of political thought and action.

The unit is structured around 5 specialized hubs and 5 cross-disciplinary lines of research.


The way the unit is managed, along principles established by the Conseil de laboratoire, fosters research initiatives at all levels : specialized hubs, collectives and individual projects, informal and transversal groups (groups in which new thematics can more easily grow), strong support to doctoral students, and to documentary and (traditional and online) publishing policies. In that respect, our administrative staff (ITA) plays a major role in the unit’s life.


Triangle is committed to creating open archives by collecting its research teams’ scholarly publications in the HAL - TRIANGLE Open Archive