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Le professeur Shujiro Yasawa, Seijo University, Vice-President of International Federation of Social Sciences, President of East Asian Sociological Association, invité à l’ENS dans le laboratoire Triangle

jeudi, 6 septembre 2018 [ / UMR 5206]

Présentation du professeur Shujiro Yasawa

« I got two tasks at Graduate School of Social Sciences, Tokyo University.
The first one was to understand criticize American sociology from a perspective of sociology of knowledge. This task has been very important and urgent one, because Japanese society has been heavily influenced by the USA.
The second task has been to become a successor of activities of internationalization of sociology by ISA and JSS.
Since then, I have been trying to fulfill the tasks as a professor. I was a visiting professor to various universities in USA, Canada and England. I invited many international professors to Japan and organized conferences. Among leading scholars, I was influenced greatly by Manuel Castells and Alberto Melucci. I have visited Silicon Valley as a participant observer under guidance of Castells. Melucci’s way of thinking is a combination of Western way of thinking with Eastern way of thinking. We established East Asian Sociological Association in 2017. It is a critical association, because sociologists can break an invisible barrier which separates the Japanese from the world. The association will. provide a space to construct East Asian Sociology which is characterized as Post-Western sociology.