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« Policy Futures » : webinaire avec Romuald Normand, Dorota Dakowska et Nelli Piattoeva

9 mars 2021, en ligne


Romuald Normand (Université de Strasbourg) présentera une intervention intitulée : « Following European experts as an embedded researcher. Multiple commitments, contingencies, and asymmetries shaping the academic self. »

Discutantes :

  • Dorota Dakowska (Université Lumière Lyon 2, Triangle)
  • Nelli Piattoeva (Tampere University).

Résumé de l’intervention :
Inspired by studies in the Sociology of Science and Technologies, this chapter aims to describe my experience as an embedded researcher in different European expert networks and programs in education. It focuses on the practical dimensions of expertise, in the appropriation of some categories and modes of reasoning, but also on some required social skills to be include and recognized in an epistemic community with its norms and expectations. It also highlights the framing of social encounters and negotiations, in procedures, devices, and a division of labour that control the production of knowledge as "deliverology" before it is publicised. The expert’s multiple commitments correspond also to different ways of legitimizing expertise in a collective enterprise and a translation process that disseminates knowledge well beyond its original production space. This politicization and politicking are sequential steps to export expertise into a visible, readable, and accessible policy agenda and discourse of truth for lay people and the public.

/ Des membres de Triangle participent