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Emmanuel Macron and the two years that changed France


« This book looks at the period 2015-2018 in French politics, a turbulent time that witnessed the apparent collapse of the old party system, the taming of populist and left-wing challenges to the Republic and the emergence of a new political order centred on President Emmanuel Macron. The election of Macron was greeted with relief in European chancelleries and appeared to give a new impetus to European integration, even accomplishing the feat of making France attractive after a long period of French bashing and reflexive decline. But what is the real significance of the Macron presidency ? Is it as transformative as it appears ? Emmanuel Macron and the two years that changed France provides a balanced answer to this pressing question. It is written to appeal to a general readership with an interest in French and European politics, as well as to students and scholars of French politics. »

Auteur(s) / Autrice(s) du labo

  • Alistair Cole : Professeur de science politique à Sciences Po Lyon, en détachement à Hong Kong Baptist University