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Véronique Dutraive et André Tiran participent au colloque international « Innovations in the Music Industries »

26 mai 2017, à la National Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgarie


Véronique Dutraive, Bérangère Szostak et André Tiran présenteront de 15h à 15h30 une communication intitulée « Characterize the entrepreneur in cultural and creative industries : to a pragmatist conception ».

Abstract :
The subject of the presentation is the research of a definition of the typical entrepreneur in cultural and creative sectors from the joint perspective of the research in creativity, the history of economic thought and the pragmatist conception of action. It is defended that the cultural and creative entrepreneur must be considered from the point of view of dispositional and situational factors as they are defined in particular in the austrian school of economics. In this perspective uncertainty, risk and the role of time are considered as major isues. It is argued that the understanding of the entrepreneur in cultural end creative industries can be enriched by the pragmatist conception which focus on the creative dimension in all human actions. Entrepreneur in cultural and creative sectors is finally characterized as an emblematic figure for the entrepreneur in our changing time in which the creativity became a input for most sectors.

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/ Des membres de Triangle participent