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Cities as political objects : historical evolution, analytical categorisations and institutional challenges of metropolitanisation


The objective of this book is to reconstitute the historical, political ans spatial diversity of procesesses of metropolitanisation. Focusing on the city’s role as the nexus for new forms of relationships between politics, economics and society, this book views the city as a political phenomena. Its chapters unravel the city’s plural histories, contested political, legal and administrative boundaries, and its policy-making capacity in the context of multi-level and market pressures.

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  • Cities as political objects / Alistair Cole and Renaud Payre
  • Functional integration, political conflict and muddled metropolitanism in the London region : 1850-2016 / Ian Gordon
  • The Greater Paris debate : the French state and its capital region / Pauline Prat
  • A tale of two cities : Madrid and Barcelona in Spain / Andrew Dowling
  • The city as legal category and legal archive / Jacques Caillosse
  • The rise and demise of neighbourhood democracy : decentralising the urban polity in Rotterdam since 1940 / Stefan Couperus
  • Cities in the Italian political system : incomplete actors and objects of policies / Francesca Artioli
  • Cities in the multi-level system of German federalism / Hubert Heinelt and Karsten Zimmerman
  • The métropole as a contested and partisan institution : reflections on the case of the French city of Nice / Stéphane Cadiou
  • Making metropolis : innovation and local governance issues in Paris and Milan / Clément Pin and Déborah Galimberti
  • The metropolis and the market : political rescaling through public-private bike-sharing policy in Brussels / Maxime Huré
  • Two faces of the city : varieties of metropolitanisation in Lyon and Marseille / Chrisophe Parnet
  • Assembling multi-level governance in regeneration : an international comparison between France and Britain / Juliet Carpenter

Auteur(s) / Autrice(s) du labo

  • Deborah Galimberti : Docteure en science politique
  • Juliet Carpenter : Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation ; Reader, Oxford Brookes University, UK ; chercheure associée à Triangle (et précédemment sous contrat d’un Fellowship Marie Curie à Triangle)
  • Christophe Parnet : Docteur en science politique
  • Maxime Huré : Maître de conférences HDR en science politique à l’université de Perpignan (CDED Centre du droit économique et du développement - EA 4216) Président de la section science politique de l’UPVD
  • Stéphane Cadiou : Professeur de science politique à l’Université Lumière Lyon 2
  • Renaud Payre : Professeur de science politique à Sciences Po Lyon
  • Alistair Cole : Professeur de science politique à Sciences Po Lyon, en détachement à Hong Kong Baptist University
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