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A European politics of education : perspectives from sociology, policy studies and politics


« A European politics of education proposes a sociology of education establishing connections between empirical data coming from European-scale comparative surveys, normative assumptions structuring actors’ representations and interpretative judgements, and a specific focus on Lifelong Learning policy areas. It invites readers to think about the place of standards, expertise and calculations in the European space from a common perspective, supported by a tradition of critical sociology and European political studies. »

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Auteur(s) / Autrice(s) du labo

  • Jean-Louis Derouet : Professeur émérite de sociologie à l’Institut Français de l’Éducation de l’ENS de Lyon Éméritat non renouvelé (janvier 2018)
  • Romuald Normand : sociologue. A rejoint en septembre 2013 l'UMR 7363 SAGE (Sociétés, Acteurs, Gouvernement en Europe)
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