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Devolution and governance : Wales between capacity and constraint


Présentation de l’éditeur : "Drawing on extensive primary interview data within the Welsh policy community over a period spanning more than a decade, this book explores the development of Welsh devolution in a context of economic crisis, institutional uncertainty and comparative soul-searching. Cole and Stafford emphasise contingency, doubt and dependency upon outside forces (Scotland, UK, EU), as much as internal dynamics. Welsh devolution currently enjoys a positive image in public opinion, however, together with a widespread belief that the Welsh level of governance ought to be the most pertinent one in those areas that are most valued by Welsh citizens, including health, education and welfare. Such a foundation of broad support ought to be a precious political resource, on condition that Welsh democracy moves to a new level of maturity, accepts more political and financial responsibility for its actions and makes some hard political choices about the machinery of government."

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Paru en décembre 2014, voir site de l’éditeur

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  • Alistair Cole : Professeur de science politique à Sciences Po Lyon, en détachement à Hong Kong Baptist University
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