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Interdisciplinary Workshop : « Paternalism redeemed : old ideas, new realities »

30 mars 2015 - 31 mars 2015, à l’ENS de Lyon, 15 parvis René Descartes, salle R253


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Monday 30th March

  • 1st Session. 10h00-12h30. Paternalism And Autonomy : Theory And Practice
    • James Wilson, University College London, “Justifying State Health Promotion Activities”
    • Danny Scoccia, New Mexico State University, “Paternalism, Equal Respect, And Deference To Autonomy"
    • Luc Bovens, London School Of Economics, “Child Euthanasia : Should We Just Not Talk About It ?”
  • Buffet, Cafeteria, ENS De Lyon (12H30-13h30)
  • 2nd Session. 13h45-16h15. Rationality Of Paternalism
    • Christophe Salvat, CNRS- Triangle Ens De Lyon, “Economics Of Paternalism"
    • Philippe Mongin, CNRS-HEC, Tba
    • Cyril Hédoin, University Of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, “Paternalism, Autonomy And Separability Between Times And Persons”
  • Coffee (16h15-16h30)
  • 3rd Session. 16h30-18h15. Paternalism, Family And Feminism.
    • Anne Morvan et Anne Verjus, CNRS-Triangle ENS De Lyon, "The First Challenges To Rousseau’s Paternalism From Charles Fourier To Pierre Leroux (1808-1848) : The Marriage Issue"
    • Sylvana Tomaselli, St John’s College-University Of Cambridge, “Neither For Nor Against : Wollstonecraft And Nussbaum On The Paternalism Test”
  • Gala Dinner, Location To Be Confirmed

Tuesday 31st March

  • 4th Session. 9h30-12h00. Paternalism In The Xixth Century : A Reassessment.
    • Gregory Claeys, Royal Holloway, University Of London, “Mill And Paternalism : Some Afterthoughts And Contemporary Applications”
    • Ophélie Siméon, Triangle-ENS De Lyon, "British Industrial Paternalists From The First Industrial Revolution To The Factory Acts : A Prosopographical Study"
    • Carolina Armenteros, Santo Domingo, “The Cosmic Father Of Louis De Bonald”
  • Lunch, Cafeteria, ENS De Lyon


All Are Free To Come. Seating Limited, Please Register If You Are Interested.
Contact : Christophe Salvat

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