/ Séminaire de Philosophie Economique (archives 2014-1er semestre 2016)

Alex Voorhoeve : « How Should We Aggregate Competing Claims ? »

24 octobre 2014, 14h-16h, à l’ENS de Lyon (site Descartes), salle R253

Intervenant :

Alex Voorhoeve, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics

Résumé de l’intervention :

Many believe that we ought to save a large number from being permanently bedridden rather than save one from death. Many also believe that we ought to save one from death rather than a multitude from a very minor harm, no matter how large this multitude. I argue that a principle I call “Aggregate Relevant Claims” satisfactorily explains these judgments. Drawing on Adam Smith’s notion of sympathy, I offer a rationale for this principle and defend it against objections.

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