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Workshop « Care of the Habitat. Between Infrastructure Maintenance and Attention to Living Beings », co-organisé par Chloé Mondémé (projet TANDEM)

19 octobre 2023, au CEFRES, Prague


The care of the habitat cannot be considered as a strictly an solely human activity. To live in a place (a house, a city, a region, etc.) is to engage in practices in which plants, materials, buildings, mushrooms, road signs, domesticated animals, energy-providing facilities, chemicals, etc. are entangled in an indefinite list. To care for all these beings is both to be able to read the signals they send and to identify their fragilities, and to engage with them in practices of mutual modification.

Keynote 1 :
Jérôme Denis & David Pontille (CNRS, Mines ParisTech) : The Care of Things : Politics of Maintenance

Keynote 2 :
Matthew Gandy (University of Cambridge) : Natura Urbana, Ecological Constellations in Urban Space

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Comité scientifique

  • Mateusz Chmurski (CEFRES)
  • Petr Gibas (Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences / CEFRES)
  • Chloé Mondémé (Triangle, CNRS / CEFRES)
  • Ange Pottin (University of Vienna / CEFRES)
/ Autres événements organisés par des membres de Triangle