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Paul Bacot interviewé pour l’article « France’s left-wing parties agree on legislative alliance »

6 mai 2022, Euronews


France’s left-wing parties have formed a historic agreement to create a new union ahead of the June legislative elections.

The agreement was confirmed overnight by a Socialist Party internal vote in favour of joining the far-left party La France Insoumise (LFI) along with the Green Party and the Communist Party in a coalition.

The four left-wing parties will campaign together in a New People’s Ecological and Social Union and will not run candidates against each other in the elections for the lower house of parliament on 12 and 19 June.

They aim to win a majority of seats in an effort to counter President Emmanuel Macron.

"The result of the legislative elections is very uncertain," said Paul Bacot, an emeritus professor at Sciences Po Lyon.

  • Paul Bacot :

    Professeur émérite de science politique à Sciences Po Lyon

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