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The crisis of Muslim religious discourse  : the necessary shift from Plato to Kant


Traduction de : La crise du discours religieux musulman  : le nécessaire passage de Platon à Kant, Louvain, PUL Presses universitaires de Louvain, 2019


« Showing that Muslim societies are facing a crisis that is more cultural than religious, this book focuses on cultural representations through which social life is experienced in the Muslim world. It brings a new theoretical framework to address the secularization process that is underway and the contradictions it entails.

This volume will arouse a new debate on secularization and the relations between religion, culture and philosophy. The crisis Muslim societies are undergoing pertains to the culture and not to the Qur’an to the extent that people do not have access to the sacred in itself but only for oneself, meaning a cultural interpretation of the sacred. The Qur’an in itself is not an obstacle to secularization and modernization since any sacred text is experienced through culture. If we consider the European experience where secularization has first emerged, we see that culture has been transformed from medieval metaphysics to modern philosophy upholding a civic culture (...) » (—>full presentation : abstract & table of contents,

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  • Lahouari Addi : Professeur émérite de sociologie à Sciences Po Lyon
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