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Laurence Roulleau Berger participe au symposium international « Toward a Non-Hegemonic Sociology », organisé par gloknos (Centre for Global Knowledge Studies)

29 juin 2021, en ligne


An international symposium organised by Stéphane Dufoix and Eric Macé.

Recent studies about the impact of postcolonial and decolonial controversies and critiques on the very way to write the history of sociology have convincingly shown that classical sociology and its canonical authors (Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Parsons etc.) confounded its situated viewpoint (that of an evolutionist, modern, diffusionist, androcentric, heterocentric and Western-centric relation to the world) with universality per se. Blinded by their methodological nationalism and ethnocentrism, most classical sociologists have for a long time considered that the object of sociology, “society”, was historically and ideal-typically represented by Western nation-states. This sociology cannot claim any universality whenever it projects its own norms, hegemonic standards and definitions of reality onto other social formations while blinding itself to its own situated relation to the world. This is all the more problematic as postcolonial critiques have offered a new reading of world history demonstrating that all contemporary societies in the world – Western societies included – have been shaped by the collision between the colonial relation and the postcolonial entanglements.

Much has already been written on these issues. But what has been done so far to resist this structural situation or to counterbalance it ? More than this, now that this epistemic hegemony has been widely highlighted – if not widely acknowledged – the question remains of “how can we try to practically move toward a less hegemonic sociology from now on ?”.

This same question has been asked to the 25 social scientists participating to this symposium. Their answers may be at the heart of a future deep transformation of the reflection about sociology.

  • Laurence Roulleau Berger, sociologue, directrice de recherche au CNRS, section 40 (Politique, pouvoir, organisation), directrice de l’IAL "Post-Western Sociology in Europe and in China", présentera une communication dans le cadre du panel 6.

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/ Des membres de Triangle participent