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Post-Western revolution in sociology : from China to Europe

mercredi, 2 mars 2016

Auteur(e)s : Laurence Roulleau-Berger. Traduction : Nigel Briggs
Publié en : 2015
Collection : Post-Western social sciences and global knowledge
Pages : XI-223 p.
Isbn : 978-90-04-30972-2
Editeur : Brill
Fiche de présentation (site de l’éditeur) :


"Within a movement towards the circulation and globalisation of knowledge, new centres and new peripheries form and new hierarchies appear - more or less discretely - producing competition and rivalry in the development of “new” knowledge. Centres of gravity in social sciences have been displaced towards Asia, especially China. We have entered a period of de-westernization of knowledge and co-production of transnational knowledge. This is a scientific revolution in the social sciences which imposes detours, displacements, reversals. It means a turning point in the history of social sciences. From the Chinese experience in sociology the author is opening a Post-Western Space where after Post-Colonial Studies, she is speaking about the emergence of a Post-Western Sociology." (4e de couv.)

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Laurence Roulleau-Berger est Directrice de recherche au CNRS 1ère classe, section 40 (Politique, pouvoir, organisation) - Sociologue - Directrice de l'IAL "Post-Western Sociology in Europe and in China".